Mid-range eVTOL fixed-wing sUAS


The Ultimate 2-in-1 ISR System

The combat-proven Vector is a silent, mid-endurance electric VTOL fixed-wing sUAS that delivers real-time, high-resolution downlink imagery to operators performing mid-range reconnaissance missions. Its open systems architecture allows for continuous expansion of the system's capabilities and functionality. The Quantum-Skynode flight control computer is at the heart of the Vector, equipping it with onboard computing power and AI capabilities to reduce the cognitive load of the operator.

Vector is part of a 2-in-1 system that uses the same main fuselage, ground controller, data link, sensors, and AI capabilities. It can alternatively be configured as the Scorpion multicopter without any changes to the avionics hardware, UI or workflow.

The New Standard for Surveillance sUAS

Outstanding Performance

Vector performs fully controlled vertical take-offs and landings within confined spaces. Even in harsh environmental conditions like wind, heat, dust and rain, Vector flies efficiently for up to 180 minutes with intelligent cruise speed control between 29 and 39 knots. Real-time video can be streamed to multiple Ground Control Stations via Mesh IP encrypted data links up to a range of 15.5 miles*. Its extremely low noise emission makes it ideal for covert surveillance missions.

*expandable with additional data links

Growing Capabilities

Driven by agile feature development in close cooperation with our customers, Vector’s unique open systems architecture – autopilot hardware and software modules – enable a constant addition of capabilities. Using onboard computing power and computer vision processing, including stateoftheart AI and advanced networked communications, the system submits data in a targeted manner and can support decision-making processes more efficiently.

Easy Operation

Vector is mission-ready within three minutes. No tools are needed for assembling the modular system or for exchanging the gimbaled sensors. Its automated take-off and landing capability requires no additional equipment or interaction for launch or recovery. 

Vector executes missions reliably and independently with the QBase Tactical mission planning and monitoring software providing automation and autopilot assistance, all while a human remains in the loop. Its smart batteries maximize the performance and safety of all operations.

Durable Reliability

Vector is battlefield tested and built to last with durable, high-quality glass-fiber reinforced materials. Combined with an IP54 rating, self-heating batteries and a sophisticated active and non-active cooling system for data link and electronics, Vector can operate under harsh and challenging environmental conditions. The modular set-up makes maintenance and repair fast, cost-effective, and simple. Single parts can easily be disassembled and exchanged.

18.8 lbs

Max. Take-off Weight

30 km

Command and Control Range

180 min


9.2 ft


18.8 lbs

Max. Take-off Weight

30 km

Command and Control Range

180 min


9.2 ft


Artificial Intelligence at the Tactical Edge

NVIDIA Jetson Orin AI Board

Using on-board artificial intelligence, the system is increasingly capable of supporting decision-making processes in an efficient and user-friendly manner. The Raptor gimbaled sensor performs object detection, classification, and tracking. The operator only receives relevant information in the form of messages or warnings. Constant monitoring of the live video is not necessary. The AI board also supports and enables GNSS-denied navigation.

More features in detail

Now Powered by SightX AI

Quantum-Systems Inc. has collaborated with SightX to deliver real-time AI to operators on the tactical edge. Available on Vector aerial intelligence platforms for U.S. customers, the Merlin AI software is part of our Quantum Intelligence Package (QuIP). It performs onscreen multi-object classification and tracking, target reidentification and auto aiming control, even in GNSS-denied environments. Relevant information is then relayed to the operator via the ground station in the form of messages or warnings without the need for constant video monitoring, reducing the operator’s cognitive load and keeping them “on the loop.”

The software also provides all wavelengths support, extended DRI (onboard processing), sub-categories and attributes classification, as well as onboard recording and archive capabilities.

Mission Control Software

Vector can be operated using QBase Tactical or Auterion Mission Control. QBase Tactical is designed to meet ISR mission requirements with real-time reconnaissance and post-mission analysis. It supports QuickStart missions, intuitive control of the aircraft and sensor, clicks on the map and in-flight mission updates.

Auterion Mission Control features simple controls and intuitive views to provide operators with easy planning and efficient execution of missions. With Auterion Mission Control, you can control the Vector powered by the Auterion software platform, using a hardware ground controller, a tablet or your laptop, over a radio link or via 4G from a remote location.

Vector™ Sensors

Vector is currently available with two integrated gimbaled sensors: the HD40-LV and the Raptor. The sensors can be exchanged easily in a matter of seconds via a quick-lock mechanism. No tools are required.

Sensor Overview

Technical Specs

Take–off Weight

16.3 lbs (7.4 kg)

Max. Flight Time

180 min

Data Link Range

18.6 mi (30 km)

Cruise Speed

29 to 39 kn (15 m/s to 20 m/s)

Operating Temperature Range

-4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C)


9.2 ft (2.80 m)

Transport Case Dimensions

31.5” x 21.3” x13.6” (80 x 54 x 34.5 cm)

Transport Case Total Weight

18.08 lbs (8.2 kg)


Vector & Scorpion 2-in-1 System Data Sheet


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